Oula Care

Scope of works

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Brand Guideline Manual


Oulacare has a strategic role by envisioning future opportunities and combining different innovations to solve a problem in the Saudi healthcare ecosystem. Oulacare’s solutions are concentrated on the value-based healthcare concept by considering the patient's journey and experience to improve the quality of healthcare service.


The task was to present Oulacare to the market and tell about its groundbreaking business model. Their role is to organize and manage the process of providing healthcare services by creating a solid network of hospitals, suppliers, and apps with a mission to bring healthcare services closer to the patient.


The design concept was developed around the statement ‘Brand-new healthcare solutions focused on patient’. The identity expresses a digital and innovative brand image based on the combination of a solid color palette, graphics, and icons set. The logo mark and variable graphics (round particles) are an abstract representation of services surrounding a patient — always being close to him and diverse. Photo style adds a human touch to the brand and makes it more inclusive.



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