North Coffee

Scope of works

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Brand Guideline Manual


North Coffee embodies the spirit of exploration and cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia, bringing together the age-old traditions of the desert with the fast-paced modern world. With its unique blend of contemporary design and authentic flavors, the cafe offers a haven for young Arabs seeking to reconnect with their roots while forging a new path.


The goal was to create a visual identity for North Coffee that resonates with the aspirations and values of young Arabs. The brand needed to reflect the cultural background of Saudi Arabia, while simultaneously appealing to the adventurous and progressive spirit of the younger generation. It was important that the design be instantly recognizable and create an inviting environment for patrons to enjoy.


Drawing inspiration from ancient Arab travelers, the visual identity is built around the concept of finding one's true North. The logo is a redesign of a younger traveler symbolizing guidance, inspiration, and discovery. The typography inspired by Arabic calligraphy, bridges the gap between the past and the present. The color palette is inspired by the warm hues of the desert landscape, and the orange, lilac, and deep blues represent the sky at dusk and night. The use of natural materials in the cafe's interior design evokes the organic textures and patterns found in the desert environment, while contemporary furniture and lighting elements provide a welcoming and youthful atmosphere. The concept is further reinforced by a series of custom illustrations depicting exploration and adventure elements in the desert.



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